Trading with the good of the community at its heart.

Who we are

Social Echo is a non-profit organisation based in the United Kingdom on a mission to dismantle poverty and lack of opportunity by harnessing the potential of social trading to build stronger communities. Together we have built partnerships that have brought together private, public and voluntary sector organisations to deliver measurable social impact. Our team has helped build and develop innovative social businesses and charitable organisations, created the UKs most ambitious free community festival and launched the UKs first Covid-19 support network in 2020. Today our social enterprise is collaborating with big thinkers and partner organisations to hone the principles of social trading and help communities build their own unique social trading ecosystems.

We fund our support activities by offering a number of professional services delivered through Social Echo Future Media.  

What we believe

Social Echo believes that communities can become more cohesive, caring, and capable in the face of change by developing their own ecosystem for social trading: trading with the good of the community at its heart, in which businesses aim not only to make profit but also to support local people in need, build the infrastructure necessary to sustain local wellness, and help their local economy thrive. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world needs this more than ever and Social Echo is focused on economic , community and household recovery.

How we do it

Drawing on long experience of community work and a range of skills, Social Echo offers a series of enabling services to social traders and other community organisations that help them bring together stakeholders to set up a social trading ecosystem.


Establishing Infrastructure

We bring organisations together in physical spaces to house great people and ideas, unleashing the untapped potential of communities.

Connecting Communities

We use a community development toolkit to achieve sustainable development by identifying assets and resources and empowering communities to realise their potential. We create virtuous circles that connect cross sector organisations to achieve benefits for all parties.  

Promoting Great Work

We share powerful stories with the world through our digital platforms, amplifying the resonance of our social echoes and inspiring others to connect.

Growing Social Business

We help grow social businesses by offering support services and networking. 

Reducing Gaps & Overlaps 

We operate in a fourth sector environment where the private, public and voluntary sectors meet, helping organisations to reduce duplication and identify opportunities where local wellness needs are unmet.

Social Franchising

We offer social businesses franchising opportunities, helping them to scale and replicate, amplifying social impact and creating opportunities in other places. 

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